The cutting edge anti-COVID nebulizer can already be ordered. Produced in EU.

Cube S

The cutting edge nebulizer for disinfecting rooms is produced in EU, after a local patent. The Cube S nebulizer destroys viruses and bacteria and it is 100% efficient in obliterating SARS-COV2 on any surface. The Cube S device manufactured in Romania-EU works perfectly for hotel rooms, casinos, medical and dental cabinets or hospitals.

Cube S is the most powerful nebulizer because it disinfects a surface of 120 square meters in less than 10 minutes with an extremely low quantity of biocides.

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How does it work?

In order to disinfect surfaces, the machine uses the biocide Hidrogen Peroxide (H2O2). This substance is harmless to humans as it is also used in decontaminating food. It is 100% natural and biodegradable. Furthermore, the substance has no effect on electrical equipment, furniture and other objects around the house.

Cube S can be used by any person, without special training. You attach the biocide container, you press the start button and that’s it! After disinfecting the room you only have to wait for 10 minutes to go back in.

Using Hidrogen Peroxide to disinfect

Hidrogen Peroxide is safe and efficient, unlike other chemical substances. It is compatible with any type of material and it eliminates all germs and pathogenic agents, regardless of their nature. The entire decontamination process is fast and waste-free so you don’t have to clean afterwards.

Case studies:

Hotel: A hotel room of 35 square meters is disinfected by the Cube S nebulizer in 3 minutes. The substance reaches every corner, including the closets and the bathroom. Therefore, you can disinfect 10 hotel rooms in 30 minutes. 15 minutes after the disinfection, you can rent them to your customers. The amount of ready to use biocide substance required for a 35 square meters room is approximately 200 ml.

Casino: A game room of 120 square meters can be disinfected in 10 minutes. The air, slot machines, furniture and floor will be COVID free in an extremely short amount of time and you can resume your activity almost immediately.

Public Transportation: Cube S is used in aviation to disinfect the Boeing 737 planes against COVID in less than 6 minutes. The system is also used for disinfecting public transportation buses.

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Technical details:

Power: 650 W

Nebulised solution debit: 3ml/m³

Maximum pressure: 180 mbar

Workin speed: 17000 rpm

Container volume: 1L

Weight: 6kg

Size: LXlXH205X315X252 mm

Biocide substance NOT included!


Do not use flamable substances or alcohol based disinfectants or chlorine! Use only recommended biocides!


Additional features for other models in the CUBE range:

  • enclosure nebulization of up to 50,000 m³
  • control via telephone application, WI-FI connection

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